Who We Are 

SAS Loans is a channel partner of digital lending platforms which provide loans from Banks/NBFCs registered with RBI.

Why You Should Choose Us

We analyze Information shared by you with lenders' policies. Every bank & NBFC has a certain set of criteria for loan eligibility with parameters like: salary bracket, credit risk assessment, serviceable area and company’s category etc. We collect and compare information on the eligibility criteria for loans by banks/NBFCs to generate the most suitable and eligible offers for you according to your needs in which probability of approval are very high.

How This Works

For example, you require a loan amount of INR 5,00,000/-. Now, you are wondering, where should you apply for the loan? Which bank/NBFC? We know that every bank & NBFC has a certain set of criteria for loan eligibility.

Now let us suppose that you decide to directly approach banks/NBFCs for your loan. First, you approach a bank and apply for a loan. Your CIBIL/Credit score is checked. Unfortunately, due to failing in some criteria your application gets rejected. Then, you approach another bank. This way is not only time consuming but also hurts your Credit score as your credit score will be checked again and again. We save you this hassle as we get your eligibility checked with 90+ banks/NBFCs and your loan application is only applied where you are eligible with matching your application credentials with lender policies.     

Credit Score

In loan/credit approval, Credit score plays a very important role. Every time you apply for a loan/credit card, the lending institution (bank/NBFC) automatically pulls your Credit report from credit bureaus. Multiple enquiries hurts Credit score and brings it down. High number of enquiries in short span of time also affects the decision-making in loan/credit approval.

Please Note

We are not an instant loan app. In case your loan application profile exactly matches with lender policies then you may get approval and disbursement within few hours otherwise it may take 3-4 business days to get approval and disbursement.

When we apply for a loan, there is a period of time wherein we experience the feelings of stress, anxiety and hope. We understand that loan for a client is more of a need rather than a want and that is why we provide daily updates to our clients on their loan application status right from the submission of their application till disbursement.

We keep the client informed at every stage.  In case of rejection, we inform the client of the reasons and how to resolve those issues so that next time they can avail the loan without any problem.

Creating Faster Solutions for your Financial Needs

★ Apply for a Personal Loan through your mobile

★ Plan Your Loan 

★ All Purpose EMI Calculator

★ FOIR Calculator

★ Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

★ Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

★ Minimum Amount Due Credit Card Calculator

★ Debt Payoff Credit Card Calculator

★ Minimum Amount Due Credit Card Calculator

★ Future Value Calculator

★ Loan Comparison Calculator

★ Monthly Budget Calculator

We follow the principles of LUA

★ Listen -  Attentively

★ Understand -  Client's Need

★ Act -  Accordingly

We make sure that you can  absolutely rely on us for your needs.

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